Breast Cancer Fundraiser Paintings for Sale

Miniature Paintings


Anna Siqueiros

Uniquely hand-painted one of kind paintings is by Anna Siqueiros who is presently fighting breast cancer and is offering paintings for sale to fundraise and offset the cost of gas to get to and from treatments for chemotherapy. These 3×4 framed paintings come in a variety of styles from flowers, abstracts, bottles, and sea themes and are perfect for small areas to display. She is also accepting personal art commissions as well. Her prices are normally above the $150 range however her suggested donation is only $65.00 to help fill up her car to take her to treatments.


Anna Siqueiros is an established prolific international artist who has shown her art in Europe, Korea, Mexico, and throughout the United States of America, just to name a few. She is now spearheading the nonprofit Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts in memory of her relative the great muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros along with directors in different fields of art. She is presently residing in Bonita CA & Los Angeles CA and is a community member of the Bonita Cultural Museum. Anna’s quest is to continue spreading the positive aspects of artistic endeavors, bring hope to the world through artistic creations, as well bring attention to social issues through the arts.


List of Paintings for sale: Intrested buyers please contact us at


  1. Wine Bottles Rose
  2. Multicultural Wine
  3. Indian Moon
  4. Parallel Universal Tree
  5. Sea horse bliss
  6. Rose Root Sun
  7. Absorption Abstract
  8. Midnight Mood
  9. Incubus Abstract
  10. Pillar Sun
  11. Vino Rojo Abstract
  12. Helping Hand
  13. Flower 1
  14. Flower 2 Sunflowers
  15. Flower 3 Lotus
  16. Flower 4 Orange blossom
  17. Flower 5 Lotus 2
  18. Flower 6 Hybiscus
  19. Flower 7 Tulips
  20. Flower 8 Bouquet
  21. Flower 9 wildflowers
  22. Cactus Night

Front of Frame

Back of Frame

Side of Frame

Cactus Night #22

Flower 1 #1

Flower 2 Sunflowers #14

Flower 6 Hybiscus #18

Flower 3 Lotus # 15

Flower 8 Bouquet #20

Flower Lotus 2 #17

Flower 7 Tulips #19

Flower 9 wildflowers #21

Helping Hand #12

Incomebus Abstract #9

Indian Moon #3

Midnight Mood #8

Multicultural Wine #2

Flower 4 Orange blossom #16

Parallel Universal Tree #4

Pillar Sun #10

Rose Root Sun #6

Vino Rojo Abstract #11

Sea horse bliss #5
Stay tuned more paintings to come and in process: 



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