About the Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts

SIQUEIROS FOUNDATION OF THE ARTS – In memory of and dedication to International muralist, David Alfaro Siqueiros.

“Bringing Color into a Concrete World”

To empower creative artists and give opportunity to underprivileged children by providing an avenue to explore and express the arts through community and unity of the Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts.


In memory of and dedication to International muralist, David Alfaro Siqueiros.The Sequeiros Foundation of the Arts will advocate for the implementation, acknowledgement, and recognition of artists rights in all fields of visual, creative, fine arts, & music, through Education, Public Policy, and Community Participation spearheaded by Anna E. Siqueiros, President and Founder, niece of David Alfaro Siqueiros.

SOFTA is also dedicated to creating jobs for out of work artists using Federal aid through the resurrection of the Federal Art Project (FAP), a program with a focus on putting Artists back to work, but disappeared after the end of the Depression Era in 1943.

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