Meet one of our Amazing Directors Obersand E. Franco Director of Children’s Affairs

Obersand E. Franco is an intuitively dedicated mother and an Painter who firmly believes Art is one of the most important venues we could consider when we look forward to evolving together towards a collectively created better place for us all to live in, grounded in sustainable models designed to work for each of us as individuals too.

In actuality, we find ourselves being bombarded with self-destructive outer influences. Evident is the adjective to clearly describe the present global degenerative situation where sadly children are the first and most vulnerable target directed victims.

Inspired in regenerating the world with personal contributions, as a mother, Obersand Franco believes that, “…devotion in nurturing kids, doesn’t necessarily gets limited to our own kids, but to every present kid in our lives, for the simple reason that, if we are trees, they are our seeds. It is said to us by our elders and in the everyday subtle Nature’s language and voice.” — she says.

At every moment, inspired in her ancestral indigenous principles of balance, and committed to the idea that healing starts within, as it starts in the now, she promotes the concept of art by designing workshops for kids based on love, intuition and integrative practices, which minutely crafted, are founded on the resolution of showing the child a way of how to lucidly understand the world from a fully aware & clear vision of knowing and driving themselves in this experience of living in the most balanced ways, founded in moral values.

Always happy to commit herself to the community, as she sees it as, no less than a big family. Obersand E. Franco finds herself tremendously excited about being part of The Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts, as Director of Children’s Affairs, because she contemplates in the act of serving others, a way of resonating and irradiate the message of how getting involved with any artistic discipline may turn into a window to our personal and collective mind, and in the same way reminds us how we all are creators, and ultimately beautify our lives by putting color into this concrete world!


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