Mission Statement

The Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts ardently endeav ors to foster global harmony and goodwill by leveraging the power of the arts, extending a supportive hand to those in need. Our mission is twofold: to champion and acknowledge the invaluable contributions of artists to society, all while striving relentlessly to infuse vibrancy into an otherwise austere world.

Our foundation serves as a dynamic nexus for artists, offering a platform for collaboration on community murals and engagement in various artistic ventures, including public initiatives and events. By cultivating a collective of artistic visionaries who, in tandem with the public, coalesce in these distinctive and creative landscapes, we create opportunities to involve the community in art, art education, and related initiatives.

This hands-on engagement within these communal spheres not only cultivates a shared sense of identity but also nurtures a profound sense of belonging within the communities we are privileged to serve. Through these uplifting, tranquil, and imaginative projects, we endeavor to infuse color into a world characterized by its stark, unyielding facade. It is with profound reverence that the Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts carries forward the legacy and noble cause of the Mexican Muralist, David Alfaro Siqueiros.

— Siqueiros Foundation of The Arts “Bringing Color to a Concrete World”


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