International Virtual Mural Project

International Virtual Mural endeavor, was spearheaded by Virginia Val, Director of Fresco’s in the Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts, in the process of empowering and motivating artists through the promotion of “Artist in Quarantine”. In her quest to bring artists together during the pandemic of 2020. Virginia’s was innovated through a vision to bring to light an on-line mural through a virtual concept of coping with Covid-19.  She wanted to show how artists could come together on common ground and display the effects they have encountered during a difficult time and willing to share it through a united artistical vision to share with the world at large. Being a success, she is considering expanding her vision further for a future artist to share their experiences with virtual messages to adhere to the public cry of unity through more international virtual murals for many other artists who want their voices heard. In the mission of the Siqueiros Foundation of the arts, we applaud the great achievement in support of all artist, as a reward we have issued a certification of recognition as artists and contributors to the spirit of creation to share with the world at large through a peaceful resolution.

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