The Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts has the honor of curating Enrique Brito Art Exhibition April 1st 2017


Exhibition: "Todo Somos Uno" Artist: Enrique Brito
Inauguration: April 1 from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Production: Orange County Fine Art Studio
Curator: Anna E. Siqueiros1

Orange County Fine Art Studio presents the exhibition titled "Todo Somos Uno", in which works by the artist Enrique Brito will be exhibited.
What is the motivation of heading this exhibition "Todo Somos Uno"? The exhibition aims to raise awareness among people that we are all one with the planet, so we must learn to respect it and share it not only among humans, but also with other species.
The exhibition consists of twenty paintings done by the master Enrique Brito, in oil, acrylic, and collage.
During the opening, there will be live music by Pepe Flores and the CimarrĂ³n group.
"Art has become the extension of my language. Between reality and my dreams. It is how I perceive the world in human form in my passage through the earth "
Enrique Brito


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